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Wes Bentley to star in another movie you won't see



Jonesboro native Wes Bentley seems set to continue his streak of starring in morbid films seen by few.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Bentley will star, with American Idol alum Katherine McPhee, in "The Storyteller." According to HR, Bentley plays a "writer who goes on a downward spiral when his father dies, causing his assistant (McPhee) to start investigating whether his muse as well as narrator for his stories is a figment of his imagination."

Sounds like a sure hit.

Here are Bentley's last few film roles:
"Weirdsville" (2007) Stars as a slacker who tries to dump the body of his dead girlfriend in the basement of  a drive-in movie theater where a satanic cult performs ritual sacrifices.
"Ghost Rider" (2007) Plays Blackheart, a demon and Ghost Rider's nemesis.
"The Ungodly" (2007) Maybe you missed it at the LRFF. Stars as a fledgling filmmaker who blackmails a serial killer to let him make a documentary about him.
"P2" (2007) Stars as a kidnapper/stalker.
"The Last Word" (2008) Stars as a man who makes his living composing suicide letters. With Winona Ryder.
"Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia" (2008) Plays a writer who falls for and, ultimately, assists a woman who steals people's souls.

Might be time to mix it up.

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