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Hot enough for you?



Joel DiPippa thinks summer's the time for lighter fare, like fish, specifically broiled tilapia with sauce vierge

The tilapia was given a light seasoning and broiled in the oven, flipped once, and was served with a sauce vierge.  This is a simple French sauce of diced tomatoes, diced shallots, herbs, and olive oil.  I added garlic hearkening to its Mediterranean roots and used basil, oregano, and a little bit of mint for the herbs.  Either let it sit for at least an hour or gently warm it on the stove to let the flavors come together.  Either way, it adds a fresh and flavorful component to white fish, shellfish, or a pasta.  I had the oranges sitting around from another project, so I used the orange wheels for the color and citrus instead the traditional lemon.

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