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Linkage: Da Rulah, Root Hog or Die, three-ways and more diversions



Thank you Ashley Alexandra Dupre. Slick Rick gets a full pardon. Now make another "Street Talkin.'"

Check Sooie's "Root Hog or Die" downloadable mixtape. When he's not writing about film or sports, ABNS hosts a deep cuts radio show (maybe two now) on Fayetteville's KXUA.

The Chicago Sun-Times has a blog exclusively devoted to the R. Kelly trial. It's pretty fascinating stuff. Yesterday, firinstance, a star, "mystery" witness for the defense, who was purportedly there to debunk the prosecution's star "there were threesomes" witness, wasn't allowed to testify because he refused to give his social security number. Vulture's reporting on the Sun-Times reporting might even be better.

Oh, the hysteria:

Girl 1: Oh my God! Becky, tell me, tell me, how was it?
Girl 2: Ummmm … UH-'mazing.
Girl 1: Really?
Girl 2: Yes, I mean, God, I miss that show so much.
Girl 1: I know; me too. Did you cry?
Girl 2: So much. First, it was tears of joy, then it was tears of fashion.
Girl 1: Oh my God, tears of fashion? I think you totes just coined that phrase.
Girl 2: I totes did. Tears of fashion. The fashion was so good. I love fashion.

More via New York's Daily Intel.

The new Coens' trailer.

MILF Island lives on (via goldenfiddle).

Nerds, a project: A sonic camera.

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