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Gumbo project



Don't know why, but I've had gumbo on my mind. So, with a day off, I'm at work on it.

There's a good bit of prep time, chopping vegetables (onions, green pepper, garlic, green onions, parsley);  peeling shrimp, and chopping up a couple of links of andouille sausage. I let a packer pick the crabmeat.

Now comes the hard part -- making the right roux. I have a jar of pre-made roux in reserve, just in case I fail, but it seems like scratch is the only way to go. I"m following a recipe from Richard and Rima Collins' "New Orleans Cookbook," which has never failed me. But there's a little patience and technique required here for the crucial first step.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: The finished product is below. Mighty good. I'd have liked a little more thickening and if I had any file powder I'd be set.


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