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LRFF: Um, Blood Car



It's not quite midnight, but it's close enough. "Blood Car" is stupid, cheap, disgusting, demented, and probably evil. Round the time a kindergartner took it in the face, I knew that we had reached a whole new level. It's every bit as fun as it sounds. Like the very best midnight movies, it's not exactly a cinematic treasure, but I wouldn't trade the experience for a handful of Oscar pics. Anna Chlumsky of "My Girl" fame* is the least of its offerings.

Those audience members who spent the day consuming more challenging fare couldn't have picked a better means of decompression.

* Am I the only person who remebers being traumatized by this movie? At least I saw "Blood Car" coming. As a ten year old who was already prone to depression, the death-by-a-thousand-bee-stings of young Macauley Culkin haunted me for days.

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