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Do you know what it means ....



A frequent Eat Arkansas visitor brags about her recent trip to New Orleans, particularly her dinner at Jacques Imo's and its updated take on classic Creole foods.

We went right around 5 (to be sure and get a table without the gigantic wait that can accumulate) and were part of only the few there at such an early supper time.

The atmosphere at Jacques Imo's is, of course, fun with a huge splash of what is felt throughout most of New Orleans --- resoluteness (made sure that was a word before I typed it. ha!).  The pictures/art in Jacques' covers bright, fun jazz-inspired pieces to pictures of devastation of the city the government all but forgot to scenes from eras past.  It's fun to just stroll through... that is until you get a sniff of the alligator cheesecake!

Ok.. enough with the dribble-drabble... on with the food!  Wish I could say I got a picture of our appetizers; however we dove right in. To start we had a party of three, so we ordered two pieces of alligator cheesecakes (made with the finest white meat) and some fried oysters in garlic sauce (mouthwatering!).

After looking around and coming to our senses we noticed we had devoured the first course and were ready for the main!  I had the privilege of having the "Oh No Tokyo" Godzilla soft-shelled crab (above) with mashed sweet potatoes and red beans and rice.  Possibly the best meal I've had in a while!  Hubby had ... well... duck. (below) I cannot remember the exact name.  To accompany this he had mashed potatoes and corn maquechoux. It was tender and oh-so-good!  The friend that was joining us had the grilled Mahi in a curry tomato sauce and a few steamers (mussels) with the side items of corn maquechoux and smothered cabbage.  All as mouthwatering as it sounds!


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