Linkage: A mom jam, Cafe Press for CDs, more from Marvel | Rock Candy

Linkage: A mom jam, Cafe Press for CDs, more from Marvel



The centerpiece of any good Mother's day mix.

The long tail finally comes around: CreateSpace is Amazon's service for creating products as customers order them. Let us spend the afternoon daydreaming about all the applications.

An earlier question answered: 2010 for Iron Man 2. 2011 for Captain America and the Avengers. Vulture discusses the speculation that Matthew McConaughey will play Cap'n A. Dude.

Surely, no one's shocked: The always reliable New York mag film critic David Edelstein has only unkind things to say about "Speed Racer."

The film is like a nightmare in which you’re trapped in an arcade with screens on all sides and no eyelids. Based on an elemental but happily streamlined Japanese cartoon (an anime precursor), it’s an eyesore, a shambles, with incoherent action and ear-buckling dialogue. The colors flatten everything: The cars and costumes look like they’ve been filled in with crayons—and not from the big 64-box but the dinky eight-pack. The plot is relatively intricate, which means the Wachowskis leap back and forth between hyperspeedy races and static scenes in which marooned actors labor to find a style as campy as the décor.

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