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This may've happened a long time ago, but only today did it come to my attention (thanks to an always reliable Rock Candy tipster) that the Gossip is just plain Gossip now, perhaps in an effort to distance themselves from the glut of "the" bands. When did this happen?

Old news to "Hills" faithful: The Gossip are this week's "MTV Buzzworthy Artist of the Week." Throughout the week, MTV is showing snippets from videos like the awesome "Listen Up" above (I love the teenage fawning over the album and bedroom stepping while Beth knits placidly) and another clip where the band members talk about early influences. Brace Paine, nee Nathan Howdeshell of Searcy, says Sonic Youth and Mariah Carey and the oldies station.

More Ditto love via the Onion AV Club.

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