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Can We Get Some Service Around Here?



I am disappointed and annoyed to report that I had to walk out of Capers recently.  Understand that while I was only slightly intrigued by their menu, I still really wanted to give this place a chance.  After all, I had read only positive reviews in the AR Times and had been meaning to check it out for years.

First and foremost, it's hugely off-putting when you can practically hear the passing seconds of a ticking clock after you are seated and your tables are "watered."  No communication, no drink orders taken, nada.  The window for taking drink orders is narrow in my book; 2-4 minutes, tops.  We waited upwards of 15 minutes.  A waiter even made direct eye contact with our table, but then swiftly returned to the business of ignoring the entire back deck.  The hostess gazed upon us with complete emptiness as we left.  We watched tumbleweeds scatter to the wind as we sulked our way back to our vehicle.

Secondly, I found their wine menu to be slightly outrageous.  The price fluctuations from $21.50 to $130.00 were dizzying, to say the least.  For example, a Rosemount Estate Shiraz for $36.95?  Seriously?  I mean… seriously?

And finally, LIST the VINTAGE on the wine menu, for crying out loud.  For the sake of the grape varietal, for the sake of the vineyard, for the sake of food pairings- why not give your customers a little guidance?  It makes a lot of difference when I eat out. 

Any despondent restaurant experiences you’ve had as of late?

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