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Billy Bob is a Boxmaster


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A perfect opportunity to post the classic ballad of love and loss.

Billy Bob Thornton has a new album out June 10, though much, I'm sure, to his label's dismay, his name isn't going to be in the title. Nope, W.B. Thornton is just a member of the band, a cog in the wheel, one of three in this new outfit, the Boxmasters. He sings and plays drums.

"Electric Hillbilly music" is how Billy Bob describes it. The band covers "Iron Man" and "The Kids Are Alright" and delivers originals like "Shit List."

The Boxmasters, or their handlers, subscribe to the Walter Hussman school of thought on online content: Don't give anything away, not even streaming songs, save a few seconds. It's all on this weird, hard-to-work Dell Lounge site.


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