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This might be the best album promo video ever. Hayes Carll, a Texas native, who, by virtue of his time at Hendrix and his sophomore album, "Little Rock," is an honorary Arkansan, releases his major label debut, "Trouble in Mind," today on Lost Highway Records. He doesn't have anything scheduled in Arkansas, but he's sure to be back soon. Evidently, I didn't look hard enough: He's at Sticky Fingerz on Friday, May 9, with Corb Lund. Tickets, $10, are on sale now.

McSweeney's has a new book out called "Arkansas," by first time author John Brandon, who best I can tell from scanning web bios, has never lived in Arkansas. If that means anything. Here's the plot summary:

There are the days: the dappled grounds, the aimless yardwork, the hours in the booth giving directions to families in SUVs. And then there are the nights, crisscrossing the South with illicit goods, the shifty deals in dingy trailers, the vague orders from a boss they've never met. Sooner than Kyle and Swin can recognize how close to paradise they are, in this neglected state park in southern Arkansas, the lazy peace is shattered with a shot. Night blends into day. Dead bodies. Crooked superiors. Suspicious associates. It's on-the-job training, with no time for slow learning, bad judgment, or foul luck.

I'm hoping to review it for next month's book section.

In other news of carpetbaggery, Robert Cochran, the co-creator of "24," is creating a Western pilot called "Fort Smith." That's fairly old, if barely reported news I came across when reading that Darren Arnofsky is making a show for AMC. With "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," who needs HBO?

AND: "Walk Hard" comes out on DVD today. It's kind of meh, but Little Rock's Matt Besser has some funny scenes. Also, North Little Rock native Jay Russell's "The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep" is out in stores.

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