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Spring Bake


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Maybe it's something in the air (other than that nasty pollen), but recently I've been spending more time in my kitchen and baking. The challah bread is just one example, but we've tried out some other baked-goods recipes as well ...


... such as cinnamon rolls ...


... a wonderfully light lemon layer cake with Grand Marnier whipped cream, fresh fruit, and lemon butter cream (this one would be great for Fourth of July) ...


... and for those of you who like cold desserts during the warmer months, Guinness ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels.

With spring and warmer months comes the arrival of fresh fruit just aching to be made into pies, coblers, and the like. Does anyone have a favorite recipe that just yells "Spring is here!" or that incorporates a good dose of fresh fruit? A favorite around our house are blueberry grunts, a sort of stove-top cobbler that you just can't stop eating.


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