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Well, it's been quite a while since I last posted. Things like, oh, taking part of the bar exam, getting a bad stomach flu, and just general business have kept me away. I didn't even look at my own blog for over a month. I felt a little bad, neglecting it like an unloved house plant.

But now I'm back, baby, and I've got plenty of things to talk about, including a visit to Ashley's, a birthday dinner party, and a home-cooked high-class Valentine's dinner (yes, V-Day).

I have quite a lot of things backed up and plenty of pictures and recipes (get ready for Guiness ice cream!), but I thought a good welcome back recipe would be this phenomenal yet simple challah bread. This has been one of my favorite breads for a long time, and I love tearing apart its pieces. I also recently discovered that sliced challah, with all its buttery goodness, makes a great grilled cheese sandwich.

Enjoy! :)


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