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Razorbacks Shock Tennesse, Rest of Arkansas



"That play was totally designed for me."

How do you prepare for a team like Arkansas?  Charles Thomas turns in a possessed performance, Gary Ervin makes several clutch feeds down low, and Steven Hill sinks a game-winner that was every bit as tough as the one Tyler Hansbrough made earlier today (only Hill accepted the savior role with humor and humility rather than beating his chest up and down the court).  A win tomorrow would be terrific, but I'm not sure it would equal the feeling of warm confusion washing over me right now.

Whew. Pig. Sooie.

ALSO:  The head-slapping, shameless stupidity ignorance of Raycom commentators never ceases to amaze me.   Play a drinking game with their "boom goes the dynamite" moments and you might get to have your stomach pumped before halftime.

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