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Friday: More VOV, Boondogs and Big Silver, Kyoto Boom, the Ho Bash and more



Big Silver

At day three of the Valley of the Vapors Festival in Hot Springs, Louisiana's Dirtfoot plays self-described “grumble boogie,” a mish-mash of Southern genres and flamboyant flourishes. Fans of Soophie Nun Squad will appreciate the audience participation. Opal Fly, from Eureka Springs, plays an infectious mix of jazz and folk, usually featuring a saxophone or a ukulele. The Extraordinaires, from Philly, employ the same madcap energy and barrelhouse punk of friends and frequent tour mates Man Man. Gino Delray, from Memphis, is busy keeping the Sun sound alive with his own original music. Low Key Arts, 8 p.m., $5.

No rest for Isaac Alexander tonight. The lead singer for Big Silver and the drummer in the Boondogs pulls double duty at White Water, 10 p.m., $5. Word is there gonna have a wheel with Boondogs on one half and Big Silver on the other that they'll spin between every song. Look for a mixed-up night of pop goodness.

Counterpoint pulls in big-name locals acts Kyoto Boom, the Weisenheimers and Flaming Death Fairies, who I know nothing about, 11 p.m, $5.

Wish Sofira N. Brimstone a happy birthday at the 2nd Annual Ho Bash at Downtown Music. She and her mates in Ace Spade and the Whores of Babylon perform with Kevin Kerby, True Gritt and San Antokyo. A cash prize and trophy goes to the best dressed ho, 9 p.m., $6. All ages.

Magic 105 says goodbye at Cornerstone, 7 p.m. The Conduit Chill got canceled.

I'll add some more shortly, but I'm running late today and wanted to make sure and cover the greatest hits.

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