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Showcase Finals: Epiphany and One Night Stand



Gina Gee and Epiphany.

Round Two winner: Epiphany and One Night Stand.

What we said about their semi-final win: Epiphany and One Night Stand's brand of live hip-hop has been a fresh change of pace locally since rapper Epiphany recruited the musicians last year. But it's not just the novelty of it now: The group really seems to be jelling into a dynamic act. Epiphany writes smart, self-reflective lyrics and has a cool, tall man's deep voice. All of One Night Stand's players can do amped up jazz/soul right. And Gina Gee! Best R&B vocalist in town. She was ill (literally) Thursday night, too, but still managed to belt out the hook to “5 Dollas,” the insanely catchy song that probably won it for 'em.

Why they'll win: Hip-hop backed by live music is a rare and impressive sight. The backing band is tight. Guitarist Sixstring pulls out some metal moves here and there, and vocalist Gina Gee can belt a hook like no one around. Plus, Epiphany is one of Little Rock's sharpest and most charismatic performers.

Below, the judges commentary from round two.

On Epiphany and One Night Stand: "Need to let the lead loose. [He] brought the crowd into it." "If they would've played 'Cult of Personality' it would've brought the house down."

Guest judge: Belvis the Black Elvis

Guest judge: Belvis the Black Elvis

"5 Dollas sealed the deal...a fantastic pop hook that gets stuck in your head. Epiphany and Gina Gee have great onstage chemistry, both sharing the limelight without stepping on each others toes."

      Indy Grotto

"Not your normal hip-hop act. The accompaniment was impressive."

"Refreshing soulful hip-hop backed by a full rock band is rare. Piph's family-style jam is one of a kind."

       Davis Clement

Epiphany and One Night Stand played a really tight set and had a dynamic sound.

         Ben Jone

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