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David Gordon Green is busy


"Snow Angels," the latest from Little Rock born filmmaker David Gordon Green is out today in markets much larger than ours. The critics have raved and meh-ed.

Meanwhile, The Playlist has a pretty interesting rundown of all of the films Green's  been attached to over the years. It's quite a list. The Playlist's speculation on the projects' status is based on Internet trolling, not talking to DGG, so a lot is probably off. One thing, in particular, I noticed is that it says that rumors have Mike Nichols attached to direct "GOAT," instead of Little Rock's Jeff Nichols ("Shotgun Stories"), who's actually attached.

Also on the Playlist: A look at upcoming projects from Danny McBride, another North Carolina School of Arts alum (like Green and Nichols), who had a monumentally funny appearance in Green's "All the Real Girls." Finally, this summer Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production group, along with MTV films, will release "The Foot Fist Way," which stars McBride as a Southern Taekwondo instructor operating out of strip mall. It's gonna be huge. The redband trailer is hilarious and NSFW without headphones.

Also, yesterday, Vulture had a short Q&A with Green, where he talks about casting Amy Sedaris in "Snow Angels," discovering Olivia Thirlby ("Juno") and the kids from "George Washington."

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