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Browning's breakfast report



A friend took note of Browning's new breakfast hours and ambled over Saturday morning. His report:

Breakfasted at the 'new' Brownings this morning--along with all the other lemmings in the Heights.  You'd have thought it was the Grill of 'The Club' on a busy night.  Packed.  They were unprepared for the crowd.  Unorganized chaos.  Food was okay.  Heaping platefuls, omelets covered in orange cheese (not mentioned on menu--but in keeping with Brownings' traditional orange & brown food).  No designer coffees, just the poured from an urn type.
More Ozark than Satellite.
Speaking of that, driving past Satellite Grill on way home, I noticed the window tables were occupied but nobody bunched up inside the doorway waiting for tables as is the norm for Saturdays.  I imagine they and Blvd both noticed the difference today.

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