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Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 4: 4X4 Crew



4X4 Crew

June 15, 2005. Precision!

From: Little Rock

SJ, Burna Boi, Truuf Tha Nusence and Koop Da Villain and DJ Fatality.

Sounds like: Hip-hop.

Multi-tasking: 4X4 isn't just a rap crew. They've compiled and released two essential mixtape compilations of local hip-hop and hosted a TV show called Rocktown Lockdown, which is currently being revamped into a broader multimedia project. They do street team work for major labels, duplicate CDs, graphic design — according to member SJ, whatever needs doing, 4X4 is there.

Albums: "Sneak Peak" the mixtape is out. "4X4: The Motion Picture Album" is coming a little later.

Where you'll find them: Everywhere — schools, charity events and venues all around town.


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