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Regular reader Basil reports in. Basil is missing Belly Boy, as are we.

But we welcome the picture above, of a home creation, and, below, of a favorite dish at Lulav.

Basil writes:

The first two are pics of a baked brie salad I modified from a version I had at Vermillion.  Pipping hot brie with sweet cranberries in phillo dough... yum. Served it with some prosciutto, spinach leaves, and Chateau aux Arcs's Red Zin.  Usually I hate all Altus wine-- it all seems to taste like muscadines, but this was alright.
The latter is an old photo of the $8 Coconut encrusted calamari @ Lulav--best I've had in LR and not all that expensive in comparison.  Also in the photo, an old appetizer they've discontinued -- fried polenta.  They have an $18 cheese platter I ordered with a girlfriend a while back that's gotta take at least 6 people to finish, but we tried our best -- probably 6 to 8 different cheeses plus almonds and figs.
I went there last night pre-Rep and remebered I had this pic.  They've got a great little business and the owners are generous, gave a huge donation to my org for a silent auction.


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