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Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 3: Rockst*r




Formed: 2004

From: Little Rock

Members: Rockst*r (rapping), DJ Discipline (ones and twos) and usually Dirtbag (hyping things up).

Album: The rapper has been promoting his debut album, "Instant Classic," for about three years, steadily teasing fans with mixtapes, videos and singles. His latest mixtape is also called "Instant Classic."

Sounds like: Old-school swagger rap, often with a message beyond the boom bap.

Good genes: The MC/producers is a direct descendant of Alex Haley ("Roots").

Where you'll find him: Rockst*r seems to be always on the grind. His next big show locally is at at Vino's on Feb. 29 to promote his burgeoning T-shirt and hoodie brand FRESH Goods (which he's sure to be sporting tonight). Beyond that he's got shows in El Dorado, Atlanta and NYC.

Videos: One of the best locally, "Radio."


"She's in Love" feat. Z and Heavyweight (RIP)

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"FRESH" feat. Mayhemm

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