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Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: 607



Photo by Kat Wilson.

607 AKA Adrian Tillman

Who? C'mom, really? Surely, you know 607, the ubiquitous and prolific local rapper. Since the early aughts, no one, in any genre, has played more shows around town or released more albums. With his latest mixtape, "G for Go Getta," he's up to 29. Around town, even when he's not playing shows, he's a regular everywhere from swank clubs to barbershops in the hood, talking to people, always with his trusty graphite briefcase in tow (full of his latest CD).

The long game of sales: “I don’t tend to get girls’ phone numbers the first time I meet them. I see them and shake their hands and remember their names. The next time, I go up to them like I know them, and it’s much easier than trying to seal the deal the first time. It’s like that with everything. Some 40-plus, middle-aged white dude might be more prone to talk to me if he’s seen me a couple places.”

Anything you can do, I can do backwards: At early 607 shows, the rapper wowed audiences with "Palingraph," a long rhyme he'd do regularly and then go back through backwards. If you'll allow a little poetic license, it makes sense both ways. More.

To Russia, with love: After becoming frustrated without what he termed a "static" local market, 607 reduced a corporate model to scale and exported himself to "hip-hop starved" Russia twice last year. He's planning to continue overseas outreach with a trip to Australia in the spring.

Video love: "Cheat Wit," 607's latest foray into YouTube videoing.

"Dance Directions"

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"Fukyo Friend"

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