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UPDATE: Diamond Dave wails and strong feelings about Michael Anthony



Please say Diamond Dave is still attempting the splits.


Still limber.

What's David Lee Roth without Van Halen? Listen (and download) if you dare.

Also, I'm pleased to report that my tossed off diss of Michael Anthony has provoked the best piece of hate mail I've ever gotten.

After the jump.

Clearly, you know don't jack about VH. "(who cares
about the bassist?)" Um, any true VH fan. That's who.
Michael Anthony's backup vocals were a big part of
their early albums. The same ones you so obviously
never owned. And, no, watching VH's "Jump" video on
MTV doesn't qualify you as a VH fan, you clueless
fuck. Stop trying to re-live a past you never had. You
never owned any of their early albums. You don't know
anything about them other than what you read in other
publications. So stop rehashing content from articles.
(what? you thought nobody would notice?) Oh, that's
right. You're a hack. A hack posing as a rock fan.
Idiot. I kinda feel sorry you because you're too old
(or too stupd, or both) to change careers. But please
do all of us other Arkansas residents a BIG favor:
never write about anything even remotely related to
rock music. You have no credibility, and frankly, no
knowlelge about anything that concerns rock music.
Maybe reviewing the local swap meet or neighborhood
garage sales is more your speed.

Oh, and fuck you.
[XXXX- I took the name out, LM]

P.S. Feel free to steal any sentences or phrases in
this email. Just change a few words here and there
(like you do when you steal from other articles).

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