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Cooking and snapping



Yes, I've been cooking. And eating. But no time for photographing. Tonight, for example, I made some classic Swiss fondue with good Gruyere, kirsch and a crisp French white. But no photos.

Thank goodness for Joel DiPippa, who got a digital camera for Christmas and shares a holiday report and photo here.


As the year winds down, and we have weather that is skirting dangerously close to winter, a somewhat hearty far was required. There was a basic rice pilaf, with some extra celery and carrots thrown in to the mix for color and flavor. On top of that is a pork loin steak smothered in carmelized onions and a balsamic vinegar/dijon mustard sauce.  Completed with a dollop of sour cream seen between the steak and pulled over the rice.

I am pleased to report that a digital camera made its way under the tree this year for me.  Unfortunately, the big Christmas Eve dinner was well and truly done before the presents were opened, but I needed to use it on some food.

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