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Soul warming


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Joel DiPippa is back with a report and photos on some of his home cooking.

Dinner for a foggy night
A porkchop, pan seared and braised in a red sauce.  The standard red sauce was started with some sweated onions and garlic and embellished with a touch of tomato paste, crushed red pepper, and a generous pour (probably a cup or so) or red wine (the same carmenere in the glass) beyond the usual array of motley components.  As the sauce cooked down, the perciatelli finished up as I threw some oregano and basil into the sauce for aromatics.  Some rough chopped scallions provided the color contrast, a satisfying crunch, and a bite to bring out the red wine's impact on the sauce.

Dessert?  Homemade limoncello. I've been refining my recipe for quite some time now ... and it is wonderfully tasty - lemony with enough tart to really open up the sweetness of the drink. 



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