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It's that time of year for lots of people, both young and old, whether high school, college, or law/med students. That's right, exams.

As an oh-so-lucky member of this group, today is the first day I've been able to come up for air after a tortuous week of studying. It's not over yet, but my biggest exam is finally out of the way.

Needless to say, the desire and time for cooking goes out the window, but sometimes I manage to whip up some interesting things, or "request" that someone cook something for me. Generally leftovers from one meal morph into the next, and by the week there's some kind of frankenstein meal with a little of everything thrown in.

The picture above, for example, of macaroni and shell pasti, is a distant cousin of some chili "I" (meaning my household, meaning my husband) made earlier in the week. Toward the end of chili's life, I cooked the macaroni to have chili-mac, an all time favorite. Unfortunately, I had too much mac for the chili, but not enough mac for two people, so the extra macaroni sat in leftover limbo. Returning from the library a day or so later, I got inspired and picked up some mild Italian sausage and baby portabella mushrooms. After digging around and finding some forgotten shell pasta in our measly cupboard, we threw in some store-bought sauce and whipped up this creation in minutes. Talk about easy and also extremely tasty, and hearty enough to provide plenty of study fuel.

Just as a bonus, here's a pic of a portabella (full grown), roasted red pepper and goat cheese sandwich I cooked up for lunch the other day:


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