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A Boy Named Sooie: Another One Bites the Dust



What's that smell?

I tell you what:  Grobe was dissuaded by something he saw on the hill, same as Altman.  I was so glad that he wasn't Tommy Bowden that I was willing to settle.  He would have been a transition guy.

This isn't about money or recruiting territory or fanbase or whatever other limits outsiders want to throw our way.  This is about people.  I'm not sure who the bagman is, but somebody's repeatedly gumming up the works.  Whether that somebody's in the BOT, the Broyles Center, or the Chancellor's office, this shit stinks. 

Now, I'm praying we can pick up a Venables or a Muschamp.  I'm still interested in Leavitt, but, because of his history of sticking with South Florida, I think he's far-fetched and may be a waste of our increasingly precious time.  All the big game seems to be out of sight.

Long's managing to keep a tight lip until right before he levies the offers, but I'm not sure I can take another ESPN update with the word "spurns" in the headline.

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