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The Big Green Egg



Reader Greg McDaniel proposes a topic for Eat Arkansas discussion: "You should have a topic that covers using a grill called the Big Green Egg. BGEs are an excellent way to cook this time of year."

OK, Greg, consider the topic open. Any readers with experience? I've seen these and wondered about them. But I'd be hard-pressed to switch from my Weber kettle. For almost 18 years now, it's done yeoman duty on my deck (I've had to replace grates and grills.)

You simply cannot screw up chicken with the Weber kettle. Build small fires on  two sides and put the chicken in the middle, where it cooks by circulating heat, not over coals. Check back in about an hour and it's done, juicy inside and with the crusty skin that's, admit it, the best part of the chicken. I generally marinate cut-up chicken in oil, vinegar, salt, garlic and other stuff depending on my whim. But I also use the kettle for beer can chicken. A whole chicken, roasted to a deep golden brown, crackly all over, is also a wonder.

Can the Green Egg beat it?

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