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Lost in the mix


Some good restaurants can go overlooked by even the best of us.  When in the Riverdale area of Little Rock, I tend to gravitate towards the Faded Rose- and for good reason.  In doing so, I tend to neglect other worthwhile dining establishments, such as Pizza Cafe.

The Italian Sausage and Veggie pizza-


And a small pepperoni and sausage-


I like the hand tossed crust, the abundant toppings, the good service, and the relatively inexpensive brew prices.  The pies are simple here, there's relatively little in the way of experimentation, but that's just fine with me.  It's a great laid back place to hang out with a few good friends and enjoy the evening.  Downside- its drafty as heck on a fall or winter night.   Sit away from the door.

Got a place you feel gets overlooked, maybe even by yourself?

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