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Cave Fish


While trying to decide on a lunch spot downtown today, I was reminded that the Arkansas Times reported that Hanaroo Sushi Bar at 205 West capitol had changed ownership.


My first experience a couple of years ago had been less than stellar.  They were out of some items, like fish for instance.  Good service was missing as well.  This time, however, the service was fast and the fish was fresh.

Started out with the obligatory Miso Soup.


Ordered a lunch special- BBQ Eel Roll.  Eel, avocado, and cucumber with a special Asian BBQ sauce drizzled on top.  Served with five pieces of nigiri- Crab, Tuna, Snapper, Salmon, and Shrimp.


All of this for $7.50, and it was one of the more expensive ones, so it was quite the affordable lunch.   Is it my new favorite Sushi spot?  No, but it was pretty darn good.  The fish tasted as fresh as I've had in a land-locked state.  The BBQ eel roll was unique, with a sweet and salty zip that I liked.  I will certainly go back for the lunch specials.

Why the title of "Cave Fish"?  I'm still bitter at the low lighting.  The really, really dim lighting that made it feel like a cave.  Sorry, but it makes photography difficult. 

Got a good lunch special to tell us about?

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