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Rap about the city you love



So within the last week or so, I've been sent links to two local pride songs. Both are silly rap tunes by non-rappers.

The video above, "Searcy (We So Fly)" by the, um, Fun Police, features a group of what must be Harding University kids rapping about how great Searcy is: Riverside Park is the makeout spot. Waffle House is always open. There's not a beach, but there's a carwash. As a native of Searcy, I can't tell you how deeply this warms my heart.

The Low Profile have a little more to work with on "City of Rock", their tribute to Little Rock and North Little Rock. Over a beat that samples from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Little Girl From Little Rock," TLP shout out pretty much every neighborhood in Little Rock (09ers, too) and North Little Rock before getting into a verse with references to Bill and Hill and Wilbur D. Mills ("more than an expressway!"). If you put your thinking cap on, I bet you can pick out the voice of one of the Low Profile dudes.

Please let this be the beginning of a contest.

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