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Grill me up, Scotty


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Jennie Robertson writes: "Attached is a picture of a grilled turkey, egg and American cheese sandwich on whole weat bread. I made it for my husband for lunch this past weekend. Even though it's not necessarily 'from scratch' and not anywhere close to fancy, it's perfect for a lazy Saturday."

I confess that when I first read the note, I didn't expect much. Then I saw the picture. Looking good! Also, it reminded me of an impromptu version of a patty melt that I'd like to recommend.

I like to make more meat loaf than my family can eat (hard to do), so that I'll have plenty left over for meat loaf sandwiches. Typically, I just slice the cold meat loaf thinly, and build a sandwich with mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion.

But I just tried this instead: I used Pepperidge Farm pumpernickel. I put a thin layer of mayo on both pieces of bread, Then I sliced some thin meat loaf (mine is LOADED with onion and celery) and put it on the bread along with sliced Havarti cheese. Then I grilled the sandwich in butter. The oniony meatloaf stands up to the strong taste of the pumpernickel and havarti melts into a fine, mild, creamy goo. Mmm.


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