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Bountiful Harvest


Blog reader Sernin has a couple of photos that I find interesting.  Her description:

"I got my first Community Supported Agriculture basket today. I showed up too late for eggs, and I swapped my loaf of 8-grain bread for dietary reasons."



The goods:

2 bell peppers
1 gallon bag of field greens
1 quart bag of basil
1 tub of pesto
1 blob of fresh whole wheat pasta
1 pound beefalo
1 gallon bag of frozen (purple hull?) peas
8 sweet potatoes (half of them in swap for the bread)
1 big yellow (spaghetti?) squash
2 little decorative gourds
1 box rice
1/2 quart bag of popcorn
1 bag cornmeal (in swap for them running out of eggs)
1 unit colby cheese

When asked for details of the program, Sernin responds:
"Their website is here.  And lots of CSA information here.
Their email is and phone is 501.374.1660

To sign up for the program, just visit them at the River Market to fill out the enrollment form.  They have a choice of vegetarian baskets or whole market baskets.  Payment is required in advance.  I signed up for a three month stretch of whole market baskets for $180, and just got my first basket last Friday morning."

Anybody else in the CSA program?  Thoughts or comments?

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