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Our intrepid, man-on-the-street reporter David Koon sends in this brief:

I had to go down to the train station in Little Rock to look as some development going on across the street. Rounding the block, heading back east, on Garland St., I couldn't help but notice the baddest ass KISSmobile in the world.

At one time, before it's caterpillar-into-butterfly like transformation, it was some kind of innocuous '80s BMW. However, someone had fogged it gloss black, and airbrushed it all over with the logo and heads of the five (yes, five) members of KISS. Front license plate: KISS. On the trunk: KISS. On the hood: Gene Simmons blowing fire. On the roof: a volcano erupting KISS. What's more, the artwork was actually incredibly well done. It looks like the car that KISS will tow behind their KISSebaggo some day when they finally retire... you know, so when they show up at Yellowstone National Park, Ace can say to Gene: "Yo, Gene, fire up the KISSedan, because I'm really in the mood to go see some buffalo. THANK YOU, BUFFALO!!!"

Sure, it's sitting on a flat, the antenna is a coat hanger and one of the rear windows is broken out, but it's still the most KISStacular vehicle on the planet.

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