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Haunted House Survey: Emoba's Haunted Cathedral



$10 (weeknights); $15 (weekends)
12th & Louisiana, October 12 – 31, 7-10 p.m. weeknights, 7pm - midnight Fri. and Sat.

Length: 15 minutes

Synopsis: As if old churches weren’t scary enough? This legendary Little Rock October staple boasts the best decorations I’ve ever seen in a haunted house. You’ll walk up several flights of stairs, duck underneath a few ledges, and stumble to find your way around this not-so-holy ground. If claustrophobia is a problem, you’re going to hate the last two minutes. The scariest aspect of The Haunted Cathedral is the fear of the unknown. Several rooms feature no poltergeists or ghouls appearing at all. Of course, deciphering which rooms harbor things that go bump in the night is near impossible. However, when they do appear—you’ll know. A criticism I offer is the lack of live actors. The majority of characters were props or mannequins, which I find less scary than living, breathing, grabbing fiends. Also, this haunted house offered no tour guide, which caused the group behind mine to catch up. They’ll allow groups of 6 to enter, so if this house is one you plan on visiting, plan accordingly…you won’t want to go alone.

Final Thoughts: The Cathedral’s internal structure alone was enough to put me on edge. Admittedly, I did not volunteer myself to enter each room first. While the suspense remains prevalent until the moment you reach the end, I found myself slightly disappointed. Was it worth $10? Not quite, but it was close. Don’t expect to have nightmares, but all in all it’s a decent scare.

Overall rating: C+

Daniel McPherson

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