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For folks who might be heading to Baton Rouge (a football game in November looms large, maybe), ARTiger (aka Tonya Smith) provides an entry in our reader photo contest for a couple of her favorite places. Her report:

I went to the motherland - Baton Rouge - this weekend for a family birthday party.

Brought back two places for Razorback fans to visit when they go to red stick for the game after Thanksgiving - Louie's, on State Street near LSU, and Fleur de Lis, on Government near the Jefferson intersection. Both restaurants are long-time family favorites.

Louie's specialty (at top)  is loaded hash browns. Their omelets are great also.

Fleur de Lis (below) specializes in pizza - the BEST!!! I can't find anything like it in Baton Rouge with thin crust, light on the sauce and lots of toppings. Stick with the Around the World.


My question: What's the latest on my BR favorite from the 1960s -- the Pastime Lounge. I think it's still in business. I guess the Three Coins, memorable to me for a variety of reasons, is long gone.

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