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Anticipating: 607's "Christmas in Arkansas"



Hugely prolific local rapper 607 is trying something new. He’s putting out a Christmas album, “Christmas in Arkansas,” the week before Thanksgiving. By phone earlier today, he described it alternately as an album "about real down-home issues," "a Christmas album for people who don’t want to hear a bunch of goddamn cover songs in Gaelic" and "some shit you can bump while you’re cooking.” Yes.

Six mentioned a track about celebrating Christmas after a loved one has died of breast cancer and another about when someone in your family invites an ex to Christmas. That's all he'd give me.

Before the end of the year, he'll also drop “Nethermost,” a concept album that he describes as his version of “Innerspace.” Well, actually he said it was going to be like the movie where the dude gets shrunk down and travels inside someone's body in a mini-spaceship, and I guessed. Best I can tell, 607 will be playing both the Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan characters.

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