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A Boy Named Sooie: Choice Text Messages From Week Seven



6:56 pm
From B:

The hogs might as well wear yellow shirts to give the refs a break.  [10 penalties for 100 yds.  More than our total rushing.]

From B:

Wow! Casey dick 1 for 1 5 yrds.  Half way 2 his season avg and only the 1st quarter. [Dick was 12 for 26]

7:18 pm
From C:


7:29 pm
From J:

Why cant felix return punts again?

7:37 pm
From R:

Houston nutt's outta fingernails

7:58 pm
From J:

Get norton the **** outta there.  No one can field a punt? [Norton muffed the first two.  This is a very good question]

8:05 pm
From C:

We ate too many cupcakes

8:07 pm
From J:

Good timeout b4 the half.  Almost a 90 yd run.

8:09 pm
From D:

I wonder if we're lookin at the final score

8:08 pm
From B:

Hogs are 8-34 under Nutt when trailing at the half.  Odds are against us!

8:42 pm
From C:

Nice trip freddie

8:45 pm
From J(2):

Maybe we need to throw a 3 yd pass to hillis. [Hillis, our **fullback**, led the Hogs in receptions]

8:51 pm
From C:

Chivas arkansas!

8:52 pm
From B:

If u blink u might miss a touchdown

9:18 pm
From B:

We r a terrible 4th qtr team!

9:26 pm
From J(2):

Is p hillis our only "receiver"?

9:30 pm
From B:

ChesNUTT roasting on an open fire!

9:34 pm
From J(2):

Houston we have a problem.  I mean you are the problem. [Hardy har har... Groan]

9:37 pm
From C:

It takes six games to figure 5 is our best qb!

9:39 pm
From J:

Ur kiddin me. Creative play calls.

9:40 pm
From C:

Gepeto! It was a real pass! [Huh?]

9:41 pm
From R:

Holy ****!

10:02 pm
From R:

Heisman hopeless [A season changes in twenty minutes.]

10:04 pm
From C:

Hdn will never win again we need a qb like flynn [Flynn's not all that good, but anyone's better than Dick's 46% completion rate]

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