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Macho, Macho Man


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"I wanna be a Macho Man!".   Sorry to put that Village People song in your head.  Ok, not really.

But here is the Macho Chimichanga from Casa Manana.  Yes, that's its actual name.  You can't make this stuff up.


Giant Chimichanga stuffed with shredded beef, rice and beans, wrapped up and deep fried.  Covered with White Cheese and Guacamole.  Lets cut this puppy open-


Oh yeah.  Pounds and pounds of greasy goodness for $7.99.  Casa Manana is not my absolute favorite mexican place in town, that distinction belongs to Taqueria Karina, but its certainly nowhere near the bottom of the list either.  And Casa Manana has a deck, which is nice this time of year.  Try the Giant Macho Chimichanga with a cold cerveza next time you're on the deck.  And ask for a "to go" box- you're gonna need it.

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