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That other Indian Place


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Kabob and Curry at the Marketplace shopping center on Rodney Parham.  We ate here when it first opened and quite frankly, I wasn't impressed.  A friend suggested I give it another shot.



Lets get the negative out of the way.  First, if you advertise that you open at a certain time, then be open.  Not 30 minutes later. Sorry- it's just a pet peeve.  Second, and more importantly, why no saag paneer on the buffet?  The humanity!

But how was the food you ask?  Outstanding. 


The lamb and sweet potato dish (forefront) was excellent, and the butter chicken wasn't too shabby either.  The eggplant and potato mix was very spicy and savory.  All in all, I'm glad I gave it another go.  Lesson learned- always give a place a second try.



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