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Thick Syrup and Jad Fair


Thick Syrup Records has struck a deal to release music by post-punk hero Jad Fair, according to label head Travis McElroy. Sometime next year, the local label will release a DVD with audio tracks recorded by Fair in 5.1 surround sound along video footage of his live performances.

As music geeks know, Jad's a founding member and the lead singer of the seminal primitive rock duo Half Japanese, loved by folks like Kurt Cobain and Thurston Moore, despised by anyone who bristles at unbridled naivete and unconventional ideas about tone, melody and rhythm (i.e. music). He's super prolific and still seems to believe strongly in the power of love.

McElroy struck up a correspondence with Fair some five years ago. A few months back, he asked the musician if he’d be interested in putting out an album. Now McElroy and Fair are discussing a possible CD release to follow the DVD. If all goes to plan, look for the first ever appearance by Jad Fair or Half Japanese in Little Rock next year.

In the meantime, Fair will record a personalized song to whatever standards you come up with for just $300.

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