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This photo from Belinda (AKA Ninja Poodles) greeted me on my return from Ireland last night. It was just what a craved after 10 days of mildly seasoned seafood -- a big honking pizza. Too bad, Iriana's was closed. Belinda says of this:

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza, from Larry's Pizza in Cabot (Two locations now, including the newest one across from Greystone on Hwy. 5).  Pret-ty darn tasty, this one, though we've also had one (BBQ Chicken Pizza) that was a disappointment.  Overall, we'd like to see a little more inspiration in the crust department, but heck, out here in the boonies, we don't complain too much when someone is actually willing to BRING it to us.  The pie pictured has a bleu cheese/ranch type sauce underneath the toppings, with plenty of spicy Buffalo sauce on top.  It was a sinus-clearing nepenthe after the devastation of Saturday's Taylor-Pavlik bout.

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