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A Boy Named Sooie: Malzahn @ Tulsa / Tulsa @ Oklahoma



Remember this one? Of course you do.

Malzahn’s gone, but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna forget him.  The message boards are afire with talk of tonight's game, when his new team takes on a fast and tough in-state rival.  The new OC at Tulsa has helped guide the Golden Hurricane to a 2-0 start, with 1,118 yards total offense on the season already and an impressive win last week against BYU.

They meet 4th-ranked Oklahoma tonight on ESPN2, and will prolly lose against a better overall team, but I still hope for fireworks.  If Oklahoma’s young QB Sam Bradford’s amazing first few games are flukier than they appear and Tulsa’s D puts in an uncharacteristic performance, we might see an upset.  That's not terribly likely—but likely enough to justify staying in and watching Malzahn debut his hurry up no huddle scheme on national television.  

I’m of the mind that Malzahn did the best thing for both himself and the Razorbacks when he high-tailed it in February, but I have hard time choking back the bile and behaving like a rational fan when I think about what might have been.  I’ve watched this series an unhealthy number of times.

M E A N W H I L E, Mitch Mustain is running the scout team at USC, and gaining accolades and early hype, as touted young quarterbacks at the program are apt to do.

Bitch. Moan. Weep. Sorrow.  Jesus, man, we still have the most electrifying running back of the last twenty years.  And the Hogs are playing at home tomorrow!

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