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Friday To-Do: Conduit Chill



9 p.m., the Village. $10.

The local rap collective Conduit is billing this installment of its concert series the Chill “the beginning of the end.” But don’t get it confused — the way this show’s shaping up, it could just as well be “the Chill to end all Chills.” Epiphany, the always-White Sox-capped head of Conduit, hints that the overarching conceptual flow of the night will revolve around a diagnosis of the ills of the local rap scene. Critique and answers for local hip-hop all rolled up into a big audio/visual showcase? I’m so there. Unlike previous installments, the event will stay tightly focused, with only three acts performing — Dat Heat, Suga City and Epiphany. Dat Heat, a crew long tightly affiliated with Conduit, includes two producers, three rappers and an R&B singer. I’m keeping my finger crossed that Z, the cartoonishly brilliant rapper from Dat Heat, will be in the mix; he’s lately been trying out for reality shows and living in Ohio. If not, the speedy and charismatic rappers Bware and X2C won’t have any trouble holding it down with the Maria V, a sultry R&B vocalist. Sure to have tricks up their sleeve: Suga City, a duo comprised of Arkansas Bo and Goines. Meanwhile, the ringmaster himself, Epiphany, will continue his Roots-style live-band experiment, in a long set with soul belter Gina Gee and One Night Stand, a live funk-soul band.

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