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Bring back the Razorback


Name: Razorback

Alter-ego: Buford Hollis, a 6' 8," 410 lbs. trucker from Texarkana, Ark.

Powers: Considerable strength and endurance; excellent at hand-to-hand combat; wears electrified boar cowl; has mutant powers that enable him to drive or pilot any means of transportation intuitively.

Friends: Spiderman, She-Hulk and a lot of people you've never heard of.

Enemies: Man Beast, Xemnu the Titan and the Human Torch.

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Props to Girl Lindsey for the find. More background (via Wikipedia)

Buford Hollis, a musclebound trucker from Texarkana, Ark. was in New York looking for his younger sister, who had joined a religious cult. This was in fact led by the villainous Man-Beast (disguised as the Hate-Monger), and it took the combined efforts of Razorback and Spider-Man to defeat him.

Later, Buford would be seen again in The Sensational She-Hulk. Taryn O'Connell, a female trucker, spent some time searching for him before he arrived in his oversized rig. They teamed up and used the rig itself to hijack NASA's experimental faster-than-light spacecraft, the "Star

Blazer". Though opposed by Mister Fantastic and She Hulk they nevertheless succeeded in stealing the spaceship.

Their purpose was to find Taryn's lover, Ulysses Solomon Archer, who had left for deep space several years prior, establishing himself as a space trucker. They arrived (with She-Hulk in tow, thanks to Mister Fantastic's assistance) only to discover that Archer had already married Taryn's rival for his affections, Mary McGrill, who had travelled into space with him. In the same She-Hulk story arc, Razorback assisted in defeating Xemnu the Titan, who intended to transform Archer and Mary's as-yet-unborn child into a member of his own species. With the help of the She-Hulk's persuasion, NASA soon realized that Razorback was the perfect pilot for their craft. Taryn joins Buford on his travels, having fallen in love with him. Star Blazer was renamed the Big Pig, which Razorback calls all his vehicles.

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