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The Belly Has Landed.......


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Or "The Belly Boy just got back from Vacation to the West Coast of British Columbia".  Nah, the title above is shorter.

Sorry I've been away, but I recently had the opportunity to take an actual vacation.  We went to Vancouver Island, Canada to beat the heat for a bit.


The sammich?  Salmon club from the Wickaninnish restaurant at the Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, Canada.  Grilled salmon, double smoked bacon, grilled red onion, tomato, lettuce, lemon caper cream cheese, served on a baked panini bun.  It came with a fresh seafood and mussel chowder.


Also, I had a smoked Salmon Pizza from the same place.  Baked with cream cheese, fresh dill, and red onions.  It came with a killer bean and bacon soup. 

Yes, thats the Pacific Ocean in the background.

But there is much more than salmon-


Stuffed Oysters and some crab from the Sea Shanty in Tofino, BC.  The Oysters were simply baked with tomato salsa and asiago cheese.  Perfection.

My wife ordered the freshly steamed crab with garlic butter.  Tofino Bay is in the background.


And for dessert, a few of British Columbia's finest.   Not an ale, but a crisp, dark lager.  Perfect for days with high temps around 60 degrees.


I will likely make another post or two of our trip in the upcoming days.  We'd love to hear about your culinary travels.


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