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Eat 'Arkansas'



I presume, but you never know, that people who read Eat Arkansas read the rest of Arkansas Times in print or in the web.

For those who don't, be sure to check this week's Times for David Koon's fine piece on the exciting new chef at the Capital Hotel (that's Lee Richardson, finishing up some fish in the photo). He plans to take Arkansas food to another level when the fancy restaurants open this fall.

Meanwhile, the subject has me pondering. I had drinks last night with a lively group of Young Republicans, each of whom proudly showed me food photos they'd taken on their cell phones on various trips. I think everyone does this now.

So, impromptu, the beginning of a new prize offering. Once a month, I'll send $50 to the person who sends me the best photo/review of good food. Arkansas food preferred, but food travel shots also welcomed.

Send them to

Photos are a must. But commentary, even if brief, is important, too.



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