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Healthy Eating


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Sorta.  Below is the vegetarian delight dinner from Star of India.  It comes with rice, vegetable samosas, lentils, vegetable curry, spinach paneer, and rice pudding.  $12.95 and I had to get a "to go" box due to the portion size.  But all in all, a healthyish and tasty meal.


I love Indian food.  We also love cooking it at home so we go to Asian Groceries on Rodney Parham.


Quite the selection of spices, rice, produce, and pretty much anything needed to create your own Indian meal.


And sometimes, when you're really lazy, an Indian frozen side dish can be just the thing.  Frozen Vegetable samosas are on sale for $2.99 a dozen.  They have to be fried, but I used olive oil and they were awesome.


Who else likes Indian food?


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