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Smokey and the Bandit



Steak Night at our homestead.  The "Smokey" came from the soaked mesquite chips on the charcoal.



The "Bandit", well, thats the interesting part.  I give you Arkansas' own Bandit's Famous Huntin' Camp Rub & Seasoning.


The label states:

"For Grilling & Smoking Fish, Fowl, or Meat.  This rub and seasoning was perfected by Bandit after years of serving at hunting camps all over the South.  For best results rub spices directly on the surface of your fish, fowl, or meat and let it sit a minimum of an hour.  

Bandit is a Texican Terrier that now lives in Little Rock where he serves as Chief of Home Security for a local family.  He enjoys eating and sleeping during his spare time.  For more information call (501) 225-2800."

This wonderfull dry rub was purchased at the Arkansas State Capitol Gift Shop, but I'd bet that the Sauce Co.  in the heights and a few other places also carry it.   Salty at first, but tangy on the back end.  I have to say it worked out great on the steaks seen above.  I can't wait to try it on some fish or fowl.



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