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Late afternoon time-killers


Excuses, excuses: Meetings and deadlines have held us back for a minute here at Rock Candy, but we're ready to hop back on the grind.

First off, four ways to waste away your last little bit of work.

1. Surely, you've played with the Simpsons character generator.
2. Arkansas native Clark Duke stars, along with Michael Cerra, of "Arrested Development" fame, on "Clark and Michael," a CBS web sitcom. It's pretty funny, but even more it's one of those emboldening things, especially as you read all the press the show's drummed up. You should be asking yourself why you can't do something like this. In related news, I'm still breathlessly anticipating, "">"Super Bad," the forthcoming high school comedy from Rogen and Apatow that stars Cerra and features Duke in a bit part. If you're a girl, you might've already seen Duke in a role on the Oxygen network's "Campus Ladies." Or maybe "CSI" or "Greek" on ABC Family.
3. If you didn't catch Alyson Walker's appearance on "My Super Sweet Sixteen," it's still available, in full, online. Plus, there's bonus footage, a lot of which features Dre and Jontai, including a scene where their manager and CEO Deja Blu asks for $40,000. Yet another attempt by MTV to up the lavishness, Blu tells me. He says MTV made him ask for that figure and that the group got paid significantly less.
4. The trailer for Wes Anderson's new film "The Darjeeling Limited" just came out today. More quirky preciousness. The trailer for "Rocket Science," by the director of "Spellbound," looks better.


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